“Defending the Legacy: Mother Buffalo’s Brave Confrontation with Two Lions for Her Young’s Survival”


This is the incredible moment we witnessed, the mother buffalo trying to protect her little baby from the attack of two lions.

Clearly the top of the food chain, this hungry lion is eager to take down its prey to have a filling meal.

Every time the lion approached its cub, it resolutely turned around and used its sharp horns to scare away the lion that had to run away.

But the two lions still did not give up, they kept chasing and refused to spare the young buffalo. The baby buffalo is also very smart when seeing the mother buffalo move her head quickly to follow her tail and not too far away from her mother.


The hunt continued until the herd of buffaloes came too large, so the lion could not do anything, so he had to starve to leave.

Praising the motherly love of a mother buffalo for her child. It fights with all its might to protect its children.


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