“Wolves Beware: Mother Camel’s Mighty Kicks Secure Newborn’s Survival”


Camel is a mammal of the family Camelidae, which mainly lives in arid regions of Asia and Africa. Camels can live in extreme environments with high temperatures and lack of water, thanks to the ability to store water in their colonic hump.

But it also cannot escape the rotation of nature when it is also often faced with danger. Wolves are the most feared enemies of camels.

Baby camels are often coyotes’ favorite targets and see how mother camels protect her young from wolves.


Wolves are ferocious and pack-hunting animals and this is a tough fight for the mother camel.

The mother camel is surrounded by 4 wolves and they take turns attacking the cubs. The mother camel proved to be quite slow compared to the wolf’s attacks and her young received a lot of leg injuries.

But fortunately, the baby camel still stood and survived many attacks of wolves.


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