Cubs’ Mischievous Game: Lion Cubs and Geese in Whack-a-Mole Adventure


This is the moment that Jem Harris witnessed lion cubs play whack-a-mole with Egyptian geese in the mud!

This captivating sighting was filmed on the Dulini Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands Greater Kruger. Jem Harris shared this incredible sighting with where he witnessed lions hunting geese in the mud!

Lions are not too fond of getting into the water. They can swim, but from most experiences, getting wet is not their favorite thing to do.

But of course, when food, or rather a snack, in this case, is involved – they do not mind getting their paws dirty. Literally.


At first, these lions are curious about the strange creatures floating in the water. But when they soon realize this could easily be a good snack, they start attempting to get to the Egyptian geese.

Needless to say, they soon realize they will have to get in if they want to succeed. They are unsure of how deep the mud could be, but one eventually risks it and gets to the goose.



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