Defiance’s Price: Lion’s Provocation of 100 Buffaloes Ends in Heartbreaking Defeat


The battle of the lion and the buffalo.

On a plot of land with about 100 wild buffaloes are facing a very strong and ferocious lion.

The lion with sharp eyes and sharp mind had long observed the buffalo herd and was preparing to plan a surprise attack.

The lion’s eyes show hunger and ambition as soon as they see delicious prey in front of their eyes. The lion did not hesitate even for a second, it quickly rushed to the buffalo herd and suddenly attacked an unlucky buffalo.

However, the buffalo did not tremble, but turned to confront the lion, causing the lion to retreat timidly. Wild buffalo use big strong horns to ram continuously at lions, causing lions to panic and run away.


However, the lion did not stop, it still tried to fight to the end to be able to defeat the large and strong buffalo herd right in front of its eyes.

Wild buffalo raged, taking advantage of the strength of the herd, one by one rushed to confront the lion in the hope of avenging the prey.

In the end, the lion had to admit defeat in the pursuit of the buffalo.


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