“The Unseen Predators: How Crocodiles’ Camouflage Takes Flight with Vulture Capture”


Recently, social network X (formerly Twitter) is witnessing the strong spread of an amazing video, shared by account @TheeDarkCircle. This video has made the online community go crazy and admire the incredible intelligence of a crocodile.

In the video, there is a crocodile lying on a pile of rotting animal carcasses, creating an excellent camouflage. When a vulture flies into that area, usually to scavenge, the crocodile quickly catches the poor vulture without much effort.

The crocodile’s performance full of intelligence and surprising details surprised and attracted the attention of more than 140,000 viewers in less than 1 day after the video was posted. Many people have left comments expressing admiration for the crocodile’s hunting ability and how it uses camouflage to catch prey.

This video has become a hot topic on social networks and made people question the ability of animals to camouflage in the wild.


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