“The Slap Heard Around: Jaguar Defends its Prey with a Powerful Strike to the Crocodile’s Face”


This dramatic confrontation was captured by Bertie Gregory, a wildlife filmmaker in Sri Lanka.

In the clip, a jaguar is standing next to the carcass of a wild buffalo that has just been hunted. Realizing that the meal could be easily obtained, a crocodile about 3 meters long crawled to take the bait.

Quickly realizing the enemy’s intentions, the jaguar immediately flew towards the crocodile and then put all his strength into slapping the animal’s face with its sharp claws. Unharmed by the opponent’s attack, the crocodile immediately responded by opening its mouth wide, showing its jagged teeth to threaten the jaguar. When seeing the terrifying jaws of the enemy, the jaguar immediately retreated and accepted to offer delicious food to the crocodile.

According to The National Wildlife Federation, the jaguar (Panthera onca) is the largest cat species in the Americas. They live in North, Central and South America but mostly in the Amazon rainforest.

The jaguar is usually 1.5-1.8m long without the tail and can be up to 2.7m long if the tail is included. Their weight can reach 158kg.


They are animals at the top of the food chain where they live. The recognizable feature of the jaguar is the spots with black dots inside that cover the whole body.

Like all cats, the jaguar is a carnivorous animal. They can hunt almost any terrestrial or riparian vertebrate. The exceptionally strong jaws allow the jaguar to develop a method of killing that is different from that of other species of the cat family. It bites directly through the skull of its prey between the ears to deliver a fatal bite to the brain.

The jaguar is more of a stalking predator than a chasing predator. They can run as fast as 70 km / h but are not durable, so they are often persistent in stalking prey and rarely participate in long-term races. The ambush ability of this species is also considered to be almost unparalleled in the animal kingdom.

However, in this confrontation, the jaguar encountered a formidable opponent.


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