“Fast and Furious: Lion’s Quick Capture of Young Buffalo Leaves Mother Helpless”


Buffaloes are giant animals that often live in herds of up to 1000 individuals. The strength of the buffalo is undeniable and proven.

Buffalo has full strength and weapons to be able to defeat the lion, but the buffalo still show fear before the lion’s appearance and wait for the painful death.

A mother buffalo and newborn calves have been targeted by the lions. The lion quickly separates the mother buffalo from the herd and begins the attack.


The mother buffalo seems to be able to run only and has no intention of attacking. The young buffalo was quickly captured by the lion and the mother buffalo also made the decision to run away.

Although she really wants to save her baby, but the mother buffalo is not brave enough to do it, the 1 vs 1 fight with the lion and the mother buffalo can completely win.


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