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Desperately hunting alligators, anacondas are considered a game by crocodiles when thrown from one side of the river to the other


Giant pythons called anacondas reside in South America’s Amazon basin. They have an amphibian existence, however due to their great size, they hardly ever climb trees. This species of python is found in tropical rainforests and prefers watery habitats.

The anaconda has a maximum swimming speed of 20 km/h and a maximum underwater stay of 20 minutes. They are lone predators that frequently swim along the edges of wetlands or rivers in search of prey. Pythons, unlike poisonous snakes, do not have venom. Instead, they suffocate or break the bones of their prey, causing them to die, and then they slowly swallow the victim into their abdomen.


The Anaconda python, on the other hand, had bad luck throughout its quest. In particular, the Anaconda python came across enormous, warm-lying crocodiles while hovering and foraging.

As soon as the hunter left, the enormous python was turned into a “toy” and tormented by crocodiles.


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