“Lioness’ Underwater Nightmare: The Thrilling Encounter with a Defiant Waterbuck”


Rare clip of lions hunting underwater prey was filmed at Sabi Sand reserve, South Africa.

The prey here is an antelope bathing on the riverbank when it comes into the sights of a group of about a dozen lions.

Sensing danger approaching, the antelope quickly found another direction to escape.

However, with extensive hunting experience, the lions had previously divided a group to meet the place where the antelope had escaped.


Seeing its prey approaching, the lioness without a second of hesitation immediately pounced on it. There was no other way, the antelope was forced to turn back toward the stream. This is what makes the lion unable to comfortably perform his familiar hunting “moves”.

After a while of struggling, luck smiled on the antelope as it temporarily escaped. But according to the cameraman, the antelope was still caught by other lions and became a party for the lions.


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