“Mighty Mother’s Retaliation: Elephant Crushes Crocodile in a Frenzied Encounter”


Elephants are the largest animals on land, respected by all for their composure, but when they feel threatened they can become extremely intimidating.

Especially during the breeding period, elephants are very aggressive when other animals approach their young.

Specifically, in the short video below, a crocodile made a big mistake when trying to attack a newborn baby elephant.

This crocodile was hiding in the water, it saw the elephant’s mother drinking water nearby. It gently rushed to attack the baby elephant, the mother elephant saw the baby in trouble immediately rushed to protect.

The mother elephant was very angry, she used her feet to repeatedly step on the crocodile’s body. With a weight of up to 5 tons, the strong stomps make the crocodile extremely painful.


Not stopping there, the mother elephant continued to stab the crocodile with sharp tusks until the crocodile stopped moving.

Finally, after a while of torturing the crocodile, the mother elephant took her baby away and returned to the herd, while the crocodile lost its life after the terrible torture tools from the giant elephant.


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