“Territorial Showdown: Buffalo’s Near Miss in Battle Against Hippopotamus”


Hippos have always been unpredictable animals because of their erratic personalities, when they are angry, they can hunt with all other animals including a large buffalo with long horns.

A warlike buffalo is trying to test a hippo and receive a tragic end, the video recorded and posted on Youtube has received a lot of special attention from the audience.

The bulls were walking in the shallows of hippopotamus territory and wanted to take over the area to rest with the young grasses right next to it. A buffalo bravely challenged the hippo and was supported by the rest of the buffalo.

The hippopotamus came forward and silently entered the battle without fear because it needed to protect its kingdom. Ha and buffalo started fighting.


The buffalo tried to point its long horns towards the hippo and threatened but the hippo didn’t panic, it opened its mouth wide and tried to swallow the buffalo’s head inside.

The hippopotamus then rushed towards the buffalo, causing the buffalo to step back and turn to run away. Then the whole herd of buffaloes shamefully left the hippo’s territory.

Similar fights happen very rarely because buffalo are always afraid of the scary appearance of hippos, so they rarely clash. The video has also received more than 3m views along with many comments from the audience.


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