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Racing Against Time: Wild Dog’s Marathon Hunt of Wildebeest for 5 Hours


Wild dogs live in groups like lions or hyenas, but they behave differently from the other two species.
Although the African wild dog cannot compare in size with other carnivores in the same habitat such as hyenas, leopards or lions… but not because of that, jackals have no place in the savannah.

In fact, they have the strongest bite of any carnivorous mammal, and to compensate for their weakness in size (weighing only 22 kg and length 92 cm in adults), they grow the number of members in the herd (swarms with more than 100 members are not uncommon).

This video is a fight of a whole pack of wild dogs against a big strong wildebeest opponent.

This scene shows us that wildebeest also have amazing running speed, because of its life it runs continuously for many hours without getting tired, but those wildebeest still keep chasing. forgive it.


After many hours of hunting, the buffalo ran to their herd, but the wild dog still did not let it go, still determined to chase to the end.

Wild dog is the animal that hunts the most persistent prey, it chases with the prey they have chosen, with the large herd, they take turns chasing the prey.

Because of being chased for too long, the wildebeest was also tired at this time, so its running speed was weak.

At this point, wild dogs have approached too close to their prey, with large numbers of them surrounding the prey and pulling the object down.

so the wild herd had a result worthy of the effort that the whole herd put in and they had a good meal.


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