When Royalty Trespasses: The King of the Jungle’s Fight for Survival in the Ruthless Hippo’s Domain!


The lion is originally considered the “king of the steppe”, however, this does not mean that the lion can freely roam and invade the territory of all other animals on the steppe.
The clip recorded by a tourist at the nature reserve shows the moment 3 adult male lions are swimming across the river, but they do not seem to know this river is the territory of a hippopotamus mature.

The hippo immediately showed an angry and aggressive attitude and rushed to attack the intruders. Seeing the appearance of the hippo, a male lion quickly turned and ran back to the other shore, leaving the two companions. The ferocious hippo rushed to attack one of the remaining 2 male lions.

The image from the clip clearly shows the panic of the lions when being approached by the hippo. All three lions managed to escape and climb ashore as quickly as possible, with almost no resistance to show the power of the “king”.


The clip also shows another individual lion standing on the riverbank to watch three male lions swim across the river. When witnessing the ferocious attitude of the hippopotamus and what happened to his brethren, this lion will surely have to rethink his intention to swim across the river.

None of the lions were seriously injured in the flash clash with the hippo, but the clip shows the hippo’s superior strength enough to make the “lord of the steppe” panic, even though the lion prevails. in terms of quantity.

Hippos have a very high territorial defense, especially they will strictly protect the swamp area or the river sections that they are occupying. Even crocodiles, considered “swamp killers,” can’t compete in the puddles or rivers that hippos occupy.


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