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Who could tolerate that expression of rage? Monkey and the pet puppy become great friends, but not everyone is pleased with the monkey’s antics.


Hou Hou, a baby macaque monkey, has unexpectedly became friends with a family’s puppy after the gracious homeowner let it play, eat, and sleep in her yard.

According to People’s Daily Online, the primate used to come and go but now spends the entire day caring for its puppy companion on the small poultry farm in Guangzhou, south China.

Although the landlord has threatened to sell it off for its brain, a dish that is popular in the area, the monkey is reported to have tenderly held the dog while they slept in the coop during times of rain and cold on the farm. However, this doesn’t sit well with the landlord.


The monkey still spends the majority of its time in the chicken coop playing with the birds and squabbling with the pup over food, even though the young puppy is now too big for it to hold effectively.

About two months ago, Mrs. Chen, the farm’s renter, noticed the monkey entering her yard for the first time. She then started feeding it fruit and vegetables in a kind manner.

At first, he would arrive in the morning and depart in the evening, but now he wouldn’t leave at all and would sleep with the dog at night, according to Mrs. Chen.

“Hou Hou is very intelligent, he understands what I’m saying!” I frequently warn him that if he doesn’t listen to me, I’ll feed him every day.

Despite months of peaceful companionship, Mrs. Chen’s landlord Tu is becoming increasingly anxious that the monkey could hurt their livestock.

He frequently engages in destructive behavior in the courtyard, Mr. Tu added. He smashed our starfruit tree a few days ago and destroyed several of our possessions. What if he harms young children?

At least five young children live in the property, according to Mr. Tu.

“One day, a motorcyclist stopped by our compound and inquired about our willingness to sell the monkey.” According to Tu, the man demanded 4,000 Yuan in exchange for the monkey’s brain, a popular dish in Guangdong.


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