“Hyenas’ Desperate Gambit: Battling 100 Wild Dogs for a Meal”


Survive in the wild you need to have the courage and iron spirit like a hyena in the video below.

A hyena risked its life fighting about 50 wild dogs for a meal.

The fight took place on the bank of a small river, the wild dogs hunted an impala and were enjoying a meal. A hyena soon appeared and joined the party.

The hyena was alone and its fellow could not arrive in time. It decided to fight alone, if it waited, the meal would be consumed quickly.


The hyena alone rushes into the fight with the wild dogs and accepts the defense, it both fends off the wild dogs and calls for help.

Later, the other hyenas also discovered the fight and succeeded in stealing the meal. The other hyena was also saved.

A great moment and strategy in the wild for hyenas to survive.



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