“Kidnapping in the Wilderness: Baboons’ Bold Move on a Baby Impala”


The moments of giving birth in the wild are always the most thrilling and dangerous moments. Mothers can die at any time during childbirth because those are the deadliest moments.

A mother impala is trying to help her baby be born safely and it seems the troubles are just beginning.

The newborn Impala was trapped and could not get out, and the mother impala expressed concern because of the impending danger.

The pups are trying to watch and wait for an opportunity, they are probably looking forward to a meal from the newborn impala. Then the baboon started to act when trying to capture the mother impala.


Impala mother quickly escaped and then gave birth successfully in a safe place. The battle for survival also ended in joy and happiness.

It is not clear what the baboon’s purpose is but if it is an act of helping the mother impala then it is a wonderful act.


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