“The Horned Conqueror: Buffalo’s Incredible Triumph – Hanging a Crocodile from its Horns”


Crocodiles have always been a scary animal in the water, but on land it is also very dangerous for small animals and can be difficult to escape when ambushed by crocodiles.

But what can a large buffalo do if it encounters a crocodile on land in a fight for survival.

A short video will tell us the outcome of the fight when a crocodile recklessly hunts a buffalo on the shore. The crocodile in the video is trying to capture a large buffalo by biting the buffalo’s leg.


But another buffalo nearby reacted immediately, the crocodile was gored into the air and attacked repeatedly. The crocodile received a puncture wound in the abdomen by the buffalo’s horn and fell to the ground painfully.

After receiving a painful blow, the crocodile ran away immediately and certainly would not dare to return to this place.

The crocodile may then have to die because of the wound inflicted by the buffalo.


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