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The lion’s horror moment when the monkey gave a ticket to his ancestors for touching the baby monkey


The incident that happened in Kruger National Park in South Africa not long ago has shocked many people because of the tragic outcome of the baby monkey and the images that haunt the minds of viewers.

Everyone knows that lions are lords of the jungle, they eat weaker animals to maintain life and that is what seems very obvious as the rules of the wild world. However, there are still moments that make it impossible not to be bothered.

Recently, photographer and businessman Stew Nolan (41 years old) caught a devastating moment when an unfortunate baby monkey was caught by a lion and became its delicious meal. The photo shows the lion gnawing at the baby monkey’s body, it opens its mouth as if begging for forgiveness but the end is still really tragic.


According to the Daily Mail, this 136kg lioness is a veteran predator in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Before delivering the killer blow to the baboon, it seems to have caught an adult monkey.

Before delivering the killer blow to the baboon, it seems to have caught an adult monkey. The photo shows its teeth biting down on its prey.

Despite being known as the most ruthless person in the wild, sometimes lions are also extremely honest, as if to prove to the world that from the depths of every living being, there is honesty.

For example, the story of a lion taking care of a baby monkey after killing a mother occurred in 2014.

Photographer Evan Schiller witnessed the whole incident and captured impressive photos of that moment.


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