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The one-of-a-kind moment in the jungle when the baboons chase and try to kill the leopard


Leopards and baboons have always been the eternal enemies of each other, there have been many cases of baboons attacking leopards but it was in groups but the case of baboons attacking leopards alone is not known.
A YouTube video has captured the incredible footage of a leopard being chased up a tall tree by the world’s most ferocious baboon.

Filmed in Masai Mara and Serengeti with Nomad Tanzania. The leopard was said to be on a baboon hunt and was accidentally discovered.

The monkeys tried to attack the leopard and protect the baby monkeys, but a male baboon was not afraid and decided to climb a tree to fight the leopard.


The leopard this time was really scared and had not found a way to escape, it growled to threaten the baboons and jumped from above to the ground to run away.

The jump was more than 5m high and could have injured it but it had no other choice, fortunately it made the jump. The male baboon was also fearless and quickly chased after the leopard until it ran out of the monkey’s safe area.

The great video has also garnered nearly 90k views and received a lot of attention from the audience.


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