“Zebra’s Last Hurrah: Defying the Crocodile, Embracing an Unfortunate End”


Crocodile has always been the most feared predator because its hunting moments are not for the faint of heart. The power of crocodiles is extremely scary with sharp snakes and strong jaws.

Zebras often have to cross deadly rivers where crocodiles live to find new pastures and survive. But crossing those deadly rivers was a big challenge.

Zebras are quite good swimmers but cannot fight underwater and can only run away. Fighting with crocodiles only brings wounds and pain to zebras.


A painful moment testifies to that fierce truth. An excellent zebra defeats the crocodile and successfully crosses the river with a large hole in its stomach.

The zebra went through a very fierce battle and escaped, but its wounds were too severe and could not continue to move.

The zebra gradually became exhausted and collapsed right next to the river. The crocodiles are then lucky to have good food.


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