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“The Swallowing Act: Captivating Encounter as a Grass Snake Engulfs a Giant Frog in Mere Minutes”


Once upon a time, we were filming vlogs in a field when suddenly a cry came from the nearby mudflats. When we approached, we found a mother duck and her adorable ducklings struggling against a monstrous python that had a taste for meat.

The snake slowly extended its mouth towards the frightened mother duck. When we intervened, we found ourselves in a very tense situation. Slowly, we witnessed the snake’s slow motion as it swallowed the frog’s hind legs.


This was the first time we witnessed this intriguing sight, so we were very attentive, normally looking at the small snake’s mouth, which was swirling three or four times larger.

After about 60 minutes, the snake had completely swallowed the frog in its stomach, although it had already swallowed it in its mouth, it still had to swallow the prey, which was still in its mouth.


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