“Pouncing Pride, Broken Fangs: Lion King’s Unforgettable Defeat”


This scene was recorded at the Masai Mara wildlife reserve in Kenya.

In the clip, a lioness captures a zebra cub after separating it from the herd. Everything seemed to end with the pony when it could only lie still and wait for death, when a surprise happened.

Immediately after discovering that the young was taken away by the enemy, the mother zebra despite the danger rushed forward, repeatedly butting her head towards the lion to separate her cub.

In the end, the lion was forced to give up his prey. Taking this opportunity, the mother horse turned her back, launched a rear kick towards the predator and quickly led the foal to escape.


In order to survive in an environment full of large predators, zebras have evolved into a particularly agile and responsive animal. They can not only flee in the face of danger, but also possess a strong reaction if caught.

The kick of a zebra can break the jaws of a mighty lion, its bite is extremely savage and the zebra also possesses extremely fast dodging reflexes that help it escape from being caught by the noose.



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