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“Bound by Love: The Captivating Story of Baboons and Their Adopted Infant”


Baboons are one of the most intelligent and supposedly gentle animals. But it’s also dangerous to start going crazy and actively attack other species.

An ill-fated newborn impala fell into the sights of a male baboon and died in the fight for survival.

This video was posted on Youtube and is quickly spreading and sympathizing with the helplessness of the mother impala when she could not save her child from the baboon.

In the video is a picture of a very cute newborn impala and a picture of a baboon that is very hungry and seems to be going crazy.


The baboon began to attack the newborn impala and inflict wounds on its back. Impala tried to run away but was caught in the end.

The mother Impala tries to attack and chase the baboon away but all its efforts are in vain. The baboon sat leisurely enjoying its delicious meal and ignored the mother Impala.

The pitiful video has reached more than 9m views and countless comments from the audience, everyone mourning the newborn impala and surprised at the baboon’s behavior.


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