“Sneak Attack Foiled: Lion Left Toothless by Wild Buffalo’s Counter”


The video shared on Scarlett Walls shows a male lion quietly stalking prey. It was aimed at a large wild buffalo. To avoid direct confrontation, the male lion gently slips behind the buffalo to easily approach his prey.

When he got close enough, the lion jumped up, grabbing the back of the bull. Ironically, the lion’s blow made the buffalo startle to launch a back kick like heaven. The kick hit the lion in the mouth, knocking it to the ground.


Then, the lion itself must flee from its large, aggressive prey. The angry male buffalo chased the king of the forest, trying to find a way to teach the king of the forest a lesson.

Having just received a painful blow, the dizziness was not over, but he was chased by his own prey. The humiliating Mountain Lord could only put his face to one side and hastily run away to save his life.


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