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Red-bellied black snake settles in on Queensland barbecue


A Queensland household got a scaly surprise when they went out to do some backyard grilling.
A red-bellied black snake settled in their barbecue in Pelican Waters, prompting a call to their local snake catcher.
“This happens every now and then and 95 per cent of the time it’s a Carpet Python or Tree Snake,” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7’s Stu McKenzie said.

“So you could say when one of our snake catchers Donnie lifted the hood of the barbecue he got a nice surprise seeing a 1.2 metre Red Belly.”
One of the most commonly encountered snakes on the east coast, the red-belly is not particularly aggressive, but will attack if provoked.
A red-belly bite has never been fatal, but victims can fall very ill and lose their sense of smell.


Red-bellied black snakes are common from Adelaide through most of Victoria then up the east coast as far north as Gladstone.
They typically prey on frogs and other small reptiles, while they are frequently targeted by kookaburras and other birds of prey.


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