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“Surviving the Jaws of Death: The Monkey’s Unforgettable Encounter with a Giant Nile Crocodile”


Crocodiles are known to be superior predators in their habitat. Some crocodile species dare to attack and kill lions, large ungulates and even sharks.

Recently, a visitor to Tsavo West National Park, Kenya had a great experience when he witnessed the crocodile’s heart-pounding hunting.

That day, his group chose a destination on the banks of the Tsavo River. Because of the harsh climate, when they arrived, there was only a dry river in front of the guests, scattered with only small swamps with little water. But in bad luck, there was luck, instead of not having a fresh riverside scene, Mother Nature compensated the guests for a more vibrant and exciting image. It was a group of baboons gathered.

Usually these monkeys live on the ground, but some sleep in trees at night. They are commonly found in open savannas, and forests throughout Africa.


Baboons are highly social, living in groups and clearly hierarchical, with members and rulers defined by how they communicate.

The baboons’ enemies are Nile crocodiles, big cats like lions, cheetahs and hyenas.

While filming, the monkeys suddenly made strange moves that made the cameramen extremely curious. They appeared tense, panicked and then screamed like crazy when another baboon was trying to get its head out of the water.

The truth was later revealed. The baboon was not swimming, but struggling to get away from a crocodile in the water. It was really lucky for the monkey because the shallow water level prevented the crocodile from making full use of its strength and that was enough for the monkey to escape an accident.


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