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Wanna walk like you! Gorillas N’Dowe and Kivu prove they can strut their stuff like any human at Paignton Zoo


These hilarious photos show N’Dowe and Kivu the western lowland gorillas strutting their stuff – and walking upright!

An uncommon sight, the images show the pair walking upright, something which most gorillas do in the wild in order to travel short distances.

The pictures were taken at the pair’s home at Paignton Zoo, Totnes, Devon on December 28.

N’Dowe, who weighs a whopping 190 kilos, has lived at the zoo since 2003 alongside Kivu and Kiondo.

Phillip Knowling, communications manager at the zoo said: ‘Gorillas will walk upright for short distances in the wild.

‘It helps our guests understand the close parallels between humans and gorillas.


‘Zoos are all about inspiring people and using the wild world to amaze them, and seeing the boys walking like people is another reminder of how closely-related we are, and how important it is that we protect and conserve gorillas and all wild species.’

Phillip added: ‘Keepers have described N’Dowe as a great thinker and a gentle soul who will pretty much eat anything and everything that he’s given. He shares a complex of dens and a large island with Kiondo and Kivu.’


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