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“Dramatic Tree-Top Feast: Witness the Gut-Wrenching Moment of a Snake Engulfing a Swinging Marsupial”


A mammoth hungry python has made a feast out of an adult possum, dangling itself from a tree in Queensland to capture the defenseless marsupial.

Amazed onlooker, Greg, filmed the massive reptile in action as its jaw extended around the creature’s head, pulling it into the grasp of its coiled body.

The ‘disturbing’ video was uploaded to ABC Brisbane’s Facebook Wednesday, prompting mixed reactions from horrified viewers.

‘This poor possum came off second best when it came face to face with a carpet python in Currumbin,’ the post read.

The lifeless body became completely engulfed by the giant snake, which in traditional fashion, had scooped it up by the head.


While being heaved into the leafy branches, the possum can be seen being swallowed further into the expanding stomach of the snake.

‘Man is he ever going to have a food coma,’ someone joked.

Another adding: ‘Where can I buy a python. Asking for a friend.’

Others found it difficult to look away, writing, ‘I didn’t want to watch, but I couldn’t stop watching!!! Wowzers!.’

The massive animals have become known for their interesting hunting technique, with several caught on camera slinking down from tall branches to prey on unsuspecting furry victims.



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