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Be in awe of the mother hen’s epic battle as she fights the venomous cobra alone to protect her cubs


Until now, it is not uncommon for cobras to enter people’s houses, especially in the area where livestock and poultry are raised. In most of them, the cobra is always the winner because it is difficult for weak animals like chicks and ducklings to resist the venom and the cunning of snakes. In addition, with the cunning of a wild animal, it is not difficult for the cobra to finish off the weaker species.

However, not without exception, recently, a video posted online gave viewers unexpected results. A cobra crawls into the chicken and duck coop to hunt. Among them, there are quite a few chicks and ducklings, the favorite “bait” of the cobra. However, things are not easy for this cold-blooded predator. Because standing in front of it is a mother chicken ready to fight to protect her chicks.

According to the posted video, the chicks really don’t know what to do but stand behind their mother, interestingly, even the ducklings are quite “smart” when standing in the same flock to avoid being bullied snake meat. This seemingly unequal battle is extremely dramatic and interesting.
The cobra is ready for its hunting posture as it stands up straight, spreads its neck wide and is ready to pounce on anything that stands in its way. This is the characteristic posture of cobras when fighting and hunting. With his famous venom combined with his speed, it is not difficult for the cobra to attack the weak opponents in front of him.


However, the mother hen doesn’t let the predators get on so easily. Each phase of flapping wings, kicking the legs of the mother chicken discouraged this cobra. In the end, knowing that he could not win, the snake found a way to retreat but could not do this simply. The mother hen continues her attacks to drive the snake away from her cubs.
As a result, not a single chick or duckling was harmed, even the mother hen was not harmed by the cobra’s venom. This was really an unequal battle, but it produced surprising results.

In the wild, chickens are not afraid of snakes, there are even many roosters that can fight against cobras. But to protect these chicks, it is true that the mother hen had to “succeed 200% of her efforts”. It is true that “the locust wants to kick the car, thinking that the locust will fall, who will believe the wheelchair”, this idiom is too accurate for this case.


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