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A tragic case in the middle of a green forest when wild boars brutally murdered baby monkeys


The wild world exists countless unexpected wars and all just to solve the need for food. A wild boar went mad and took part in a macabre scene to finish off a poor baboon.
The video recorded and uploaded to Youtube went viral because this rare situation rarely occurs in nature.

Two wild boars were trying to feed in a barren forest and they spotted an injured monkey moving slowly across the ground.
A pig approached and probed the situation from the monkey’s side, then suddenly attacked and ran away. Receiving the attack signal, another wild boar rushed forward and delivered a fatal blow.


The wild boar rammed the monkey’s belly and threw it into the air, and the wild boar’s sharp tooth also made a wound on the monkey’s body.
The wild boar then enjoyed the fresh food from the monkey and ended the fight unexpectedly without giving the monkey another chance of survival.


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