“Against the Odds: Buffalo Wage War for 5 Hours, Succumbing to 2 Powerful Opponents”


Five-hour death battle, lone buffalo defeated 2 lions

α after 5 hours of fierce fighting to the death, the buffalo still stood up and defeated two predators αwαy αnd mαde αspectαculαr escaped.

Lions are wild animals that often live and hunt in groups. When hunting, lions also follow the herd under the lead of the lioness. Each lioness will have a unique role in the herd.

Despite being dubbed the “king of the jungle”, possessing an excellent set of hunting skills, lions are not bad at hunting. Even if not careful, the hunter must risk his own life.


In fact, the African buffalo has never been an easy opponent for any of the creatures here. With a large body plus sharp horns, the buffalo is ready to butt anything if it doesn’t intentionally threaten its life.

In the clip, the buffalo is fiercely attacked by two lionesses. Immediately after, it counterattacked by using its sharp horns to hurl one of the two predators into the air.

With their bravery, the lions then knock the prey to the ground. However, due to their inexperience and young age, the two fierce lions still could not deliver the finishing blow to the buffalo.

Finally, after more than 5 hours of being torn apart, the buffalo suddenly stood up and the ghost statue escaped from two ferocious predators.


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