“Predator Persistence: Crocodiles’ Marathon Hunt Ends in Defeat”


The wild world attracts tourists by its wild and secret survival moments. The animals participating in the battle for survival also did not expect that it could come back alive.

A survival moment went viral on YouTube as both the wild dog and the impala escaped untimely death. They had to confront the giant crocodile in a swamp fight.

Impala was hunted by wild dogs and it ran into a swamp and got stuck there. The bravest wild dog was also present to continue the fight.


But the crocodile quickly appeared and nearly killed the wild dog. The wild dog quickly broke free and ran away.

The war left only impala and crocodile. Thought the story was over, but the crocodile could not drown the impala because the water was too shallow.

Then poor impala fought bravely, escaped death and returned.


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