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Attacked by a cobra that sneaks into the nest, the woodpecker risks itself to fight the cobra until the end


According to the Daily Star, the video shot in the Amazon, recorded the scene of a woodpecker clashing with a venomous snake 3 meters long.

Not accepting to lose the nest in the tree to the fearsome predator, the woodpecker continuously pecks at the snake’s body.

However, such weak attacks did not drive away the venomous snake. The blue snake chooses the right moment, unleashing a deadly attack in response.

The fight to the death lasted about 5 minutes until the venom was absorbed into the woodpecker’s body. The bird fell to the ground and was eaten by another predator that happened to be passing by.

Assaf Admoni, 38, an engineer in Israel, shot this candid video while vacationing on the Yarapa River, Peru.

The video posted on the social networking site has surprised many viewers.

“It looks like the snake crawled up the tree looking for eggs or baby birds to eat. But the woodpecker returned just in time,” Assaf described.


“It appeared to be a female bird. It wants to protect its nest, so it constantly tries to chase away the snake.

People who watched the video on social media said that the woodpecker was overconfident in his abilities.

“That woodpecker wants to teach the poisonous snake a lesson,” said a YouTube video viewer. “But why is it so determined to reclaim the nest and then lose its life?”, another said.

A third commented: “I would kill that snake if it appeared in front of me. I hate snakes.”

The video comes just days after a man in the UK discovered 15 snakes nesting in his garden with dozens of eggs.

While catching a snake, this man was bitten on the hand. It was not until the next morning that the man discovered the wound as it turned purple.


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