“Wildebeest’s Perilous Battle: The Surprising Conclusion with a Crocodile”


Crocodile battle with wildebeest…

On a cool river, wildebeest deliberately went down to cool water and then crossed the river to go home.

That makes the crocodile very uncomfortable when wildebeest, the arch-enemy, invades the crocodile’s territory.

The crocodile was so angry that he attacked the wildebeest, causing the wildebeest to fight in vain.

Not only that, the crocodile was determined to drag the wildebeest into the water, the crocodile’s sharp teeth grabbed the wildebeest’s head.


The wildebeest cried out in pain, but the crocodile refused to let go even a little.

In the end, the crocodile gloated in victory over the defeat of the wildebeest..


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