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Pythons have to pay with their lives when greedily devouring giant prey


The python, which was over 6 meters long and had an exceptionally huge belly, was found motionless in the village of Baliavad in the Indian state of Gujarat, close to the Gir wildlife reserve, according to Mirror. The python’s body couldn’t accommodate the size of the antelope. The python could hardly move after its “super” meal due to the quantity of the prey in its stomach. It attempted to spit out its prey but was unable, and it soon died from choking.

The villagers are very interested in this amazing natural sight. Mr. Sunil Kumar, 28, who was there during the entire episode, reportedly stated: “I observed the python laying by the side of the road. It was having trouble processing the animal it had recently ingested. It was one of the great moments. the largest python I’ve ever seen, in part because of its enormous size.


The incident instantly caught the interest of experts in animal protection. The python died from severe injuries sustained in the effort, according to Mr. R Senthilkumaran, deputy director of the Gujarati Forestry Authority. “Forest rangers came at the spot quickly after getting the notice. eat an antelope.

Animal specialists claim that pythons frequently swallow their meal and take several days or even weeks to completely digest it. They frequently pursue prey that is many times their size and go months without having to hunt.


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