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“Clash of Predators: Gripping Moment as an Eagle Overpowers a Struggling Snake on the Road”


During a visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa, a tourist named Graeme Mitchley captured the moment a snake-eating eagle tore apart his favorite prey in the middle of the road.

While trying to crawl across the road, the poisonous snake was picked up by an eagle and eaten alive in the middle of the road. The eagle used its big strong legs to pin the snake to the ground so that it could not use its fangs and began to enjoy.

People asked me why the snake didn’t find a way to fight back and ran away. I think the eagle stepped too hard, the snake might break its spine and thus make it difficult to move. The legs and claws of snake-eating eagles are covered with thick scales that protect them from bites. They can be in serious danger if bitten by a snake. They hunt some of the fastest and deadliest snakes in the world, but are not immune to venom.


According to Mitchley, the eagle then tore the snake in half and flew away with a non-venomous half-tail. Venom glands are concentrated in the head of the snake. The other half of the snake’s body was thrown on the road.



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