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Incredible moment heroic driver saves a snake from being squashed on a remote highway using just his cowboy hat and bare hands


An eagle-eyed driver pulled his car onto the roadside of a remote highway after spotting an unwanted road user before staging a brave rescue.

The hat-clad hero parked his ute off a remote two-lane road in Longreach, central Queensland to get a snake out of his way before it met an untimely demise.

A passing car slowed down to film the scene, which was casually handled by the man who was wearing a cowboy hat.

As temperatures begin to cool in Queensland, snakes are becoming a more common sight as they shift around in an attempt to avoid the cold.

In the video, the man cautiously flicks the snake towards the edge of the road with his hat before edging closer.

He then slowly creeps behind it in order to grab its tail and swing it around and back into the long grass on the roadside.

Once the snake is successfully off the road he returned to his ute and – job done – drove away.


Large snakes are a common sight in Queensland where the humid, tropical and subtropical temperatures make it an ideal home for reptiles.

In July, 2021 people in far northern Queensland stumbled across Australia’s largest python while out for a night drive.

The scrub python seen at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest was pictured slithering across an outback road by a photographer.

Meanwhile, brown snakes have been found sleeping in beds and knocking on doors from back decks in the Sunshine Coast and Kalbar, 110km west of the Gold Coast.

Eastern browns are the second deadliest snake breed in the world with their potent venom causing paralysis, uncontrollable bleeding and even death.

As temperatures begin getting cooler in Australia, the snakes are often seeking shelter and places that are warm.


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