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Stealing a newborn baby antelope, baboons receive a lesson of a lifetime


I’m sure you are also a lover of newborn animals like me because they are little angels who are very in love and deserve to live.

But the wild world is very dangerous for them, newborn animals are always hunted most by predators and mothers will play an important role in protecting their babies.

A gazelle mother has just given birth to a very cute baby and is having a great time. The gazelle mother has just been away from her baby for a few seconds when the enemy is present and wants to eat the newborn gazelle.


The gazelle mother quickly returned and protected her child from a baboon. Baboons are also quite careful when it comes to stealing newborn gazelles.

The baboon slowly approached and looked around, it began to attack the newborn galzelle. Mother gazelle got angry and taught baboon a well-deserved lesson.

The newborn Gazelle also had enough time to learn to walk and escape with its mother.


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