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Snakes use lightning speed when hunting, making the salamander no longer have a chance to escape


I never knew I could care so much about an iguana until I saw one running for its life with a swarm of snakes in hot pursuit in a clip from the nature documentary.

A sea iguana was now lying on the beach on Fernandina Island, one of the unspoiled Galápagos volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, when a snake rider lunged from behind.

The iguana, a mere hatchling, instinctively stays still at first, hoping to elude detection, but when it becomes clear that the snake is going to strike, the iguana starts running, and racer snakes pour out of cracks in the rocks along the beach, joining the chase.

It’s frustrating to watch and it looks like the poor salamander would have to suffer from being entangled with a swarm of snakes, but this reptile wriggled its way out of the cluster and onto the rocks, making a giant leap. to safety when a snake lunges – mouth wide open – in one last, unsuccessful attempt to capture its prey.


But when the salamander was jumping on a rock, suddenly another snake jumped up and bit it on the back.

Of course, at this time, the salamander was surrounded by the predator and squeezed so that the prey could not breathe.

and the snakes had a great meal.

We were also surprised with the speed of the snakes’ movement, it was fast and decisive.


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