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The female tourist was horrified when she was attacked by monkeys, stripped and sexually assaulted


A British woman was on holiday in Gibraltar when she was sexually harassed by monkeys.
Melissa Hart, 23, a baker from Macclesfield, said she was attacked while wearing a bikini to visit the macaques in Barbary.
As she approached, the monkeys began to undress and grab her hair.

Speaking to Olive Press, she said, “I felt completely helpless when the two monkeys grabbed and groped the sensitive area. Then one of them yanked and pulled my bikini top down.”

Despite the situation, Ms. Hart said that the tourists there did not help me but also began to laugh. “I’m being sexually harassed and they think it’s a joke,” she added.

When she screamed, the manager noticed, and pulled her away from the monkeys. But not satisfied with just being saved like this, she went to the police.


Ms. Hart is disappointed, however, but police say wildlife cannot be held criminally responsible.

This is not the first time macaques in Gibraltar Barbary have attacked tourists. Last October, Stuart Gravenell, 53, revealed he was once brutally attacked when he went to see them with his son.

He said that while he was walking through the reserve, a monkey standing up high ran up, grabbed him and bit his left arm.

The medical staff in Gibraltar were astounded because the injuries were the most horrific they had ever seen. When Mr Gravenell returned home, the doctor said he could lose sensation in his left arm permanently.


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