In the Name of Motherhood: Zebra’s Unrelenting Attack on Lion’s Head Echoes Her Grief and Fury


It can be seen that despite having a “killer” instinct when hunting, lions are not always successful and those seemingly gentle prey, once cornered, can do anything. to survive.

A fascinating hunt in the Ngorongoro conservation area, Tanzania has accidentally caught the eye of American wildlife photographer Thomas Whette.

Using all his strength to perform an attack in the hope of being able to control his prey as quickly as possible, the lion rushed out in pursuit.

But unfortunately for it, the zebra was quick to throw a right foot into the lion’s jaw, making it dizzy and running away.

Immediately, the lion regained his pride and made the next attack. At the speed of the Lord of the Forest, it quickly caught up with its potential lunch, leaping onto the back of the zebra and stabbing its sharp teeth deep into its flesh.


But surprisingly, the predator quickly regained his position in pursuit of the zebra and grabbed its tail.

However, unfortunately for it to be stepped on a quagmire and slipped, giving the prey the opportunity to quickly run away, leaving the lord of the meadow lying alone behind shyly because of defeat before a group of females.


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