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The horrifying moment when witnessing the apricot flower warning pulled the giant rock python up the tree to enjoy


The African rock python is a large python that can reach up to 6 m in length. It is therefore one of the six largest python species in the world.

The video below was recorded by ecotourism guide Landon Eades when taking tourists on a wildlife tour in South Africa.

According to the guide, an African rock python was eating an antelope when suddenly two hyenas appeared to attack the python directly.

After defeating the African rock python, the two hyenas cut open the python’s belly to find their favorite prey, the antelope, and left the body behind.


When the two hyenas had left, the delicious bait caught the attention of a leopard on the tree, which immediately jumped down and swarmed the prey up on the tree.

After dragging its huge prey up a tree for a while, it had a hearty meal without being robbed by any predator.



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