“On the Path to Strength: Elephant’s Encouraging Efforts for Newborn’s First Stand”


After giving birth to her calf, this new mommy elephant panics as the newborn struggles to stand. But she keeps on trying to help it up, and it is just so special to watch.

31-year-old Brett Marneweck, a seasoned field guide, experienced this once-in-a-lifetime sighting—the miracle of life—and shared it with

“We headed out on our afternoon safari, planning to have our sundowner overlooking a nearby dam. We positioned ourselves on the dam’s wall and took in the scene of hippos and birds all going about their day. Little did he know that this moment would soon transform into something truly extraordinary.”

“In the distance, something caught my eye—an elephant seemingly in distress. Curiosity piqued, I reached for my binoculars to get a closer look. Shocked and in awe, I realized it was an elephant giving birth!”

“Understanding the sensitivity of the situation but also the rarity of such, we decided to reposition ourselves, ensuring we didn’t cause any additional stress to the mother elephant but also getting in close enough to watch without our binoculars.”

“In our process of moving, we lost sight for a minute, and when we eventually regained visual, the calf was already out. Laying on the ground a newly born elephant calf!”


“The mother elephant then did something so strange; she turned and left. But she returned a few moments later, and that’s when I thought she might be a first-time mother. Her behavior was a mix of nervousness, excitement, and curiosity.”

“The mother elephant tried helping the calf to stand, nudging rather roughly. Her inexperience showed, but eventually it was a heartwarming sight. The baby elephant finally stood, leaning against its mother for support.”

“With persistence, the calf attempted to suckle. We knew it was time to leave the new family and their peaceful bonding. We wanted to give them the space they needed to nurture their connection without any interruptions.”

“It’s these moments that remind us of the preciousness of life and the intricate balance of nature. Such moments inspire us to cherish our planet’s diverse inhabitants and their remarkable journeys through existence.”



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