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Newlyweds Can’t Believe Their Eyes As Monkey Family Interrupts Photo Shoot


Even though it was Sophie Ngo and her husband’s special day, two beautiful bystanders stepped in to steal the show during their wedding shoot.

But in some way, it made the experience even more memorable.

After their wedding, Ngo and her spouse were suddenly met by a local family—a mother monkey with her young infant in tow—while posing for a camera along a jungle walk in Carmen, Mexico.

They could have walked right by without stopping, but the monkey mother obviously opted to say hello. She moved swiftly to get up close.

“towards first, I was so shocked because I had no idea what I had just seen come towards us. She climbed up right on him with her kid, but my husband was really calm. Ngo spoke to The Dodo. Everybody present said, “We were all so shocked and amazed.”


Ngo claimed that although wild monkeys are known to frequent the neighborhood, she and her husband had never anticipated such an encounter.

Their already memorable day got even more memorable after that.

“That they were so willing to approach us like that felt like a very special, one-of-a-kind experience!” Ngo said.


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