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Rescuers spent two hours rescuing a 10ft python after it slithered onto a power pole


After slithering up an electrical post, rescuers engaged in a two-hour tug-of-war with a 10-foot-long python. The tenacious serpent curled around the concrete pillar, stalking birds perched on live cables.

Locals in Chachoengsao, Thailand, were terrified when they noticed the dangerous reptile and believed it would create an explosion, severing electricity to their houses. Even after one guy lassoed the snake’s neck and two others pounded it with long extendable poles, veterinarians fought to trap it.

After a two-hour fight, they utilized a cherry picker to swoop on the beast and seize it by the throat after cutting off the power supply. Arnon Wanitpongpichet, a local reporter, captured the scuffle between rescuers and the snake on video.


Somchai Somboon, 45, an onlooker who witnessed the struggle, said, ‘I was watching TV and my wife informed me there was a snake outside.’ She urged me to take action, but I refused and phoned for assistance. The risk was that it would have resulted in an explosion and fire. The snake preferred being up there and refused to return.’

Bangwuakanarak council rescuers hauled the python to the ground and tucked it into a sack. It was then released many miles out into the bush, far from any dwellings.



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