“Nature’s Brutal Encounter: Eight Lions Prey on Wild Buffalo and Its Young”


After killing the pregnant buffalo, 8 lions rushed into the fight to enjoy. During the process of “entering the party”, a female lion scared the tourists when she pushed the baby buffalo out to eat.

The clip captures the scene of a Thai wild buffalo being surrounded by 8 lions and rushing to summer in just a moment. It can be seen that, with their superior numbers, the lions do not take too much time to destroy their prey.

Right after that, they tore through the forest and enjoyed it together. Even in the process of “entering the party”, a lioness and a baby buffalo come out of the mother’s belly and eat meat against tourists.


Entertainment – Clip: 8 lions kill a wild buffalo, then a baby Python comes out to eat it
The person who posted the clip said that they only realized this wild buffalo was carrying Thai when its baby was a lion out of its belly.



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