“Fangs and Horns: The Hyena’s Ferocious Battle with the Rhino”


Rhinoceros are large and endangered animals, they have thick skin and especially long and pointed horns in front.

In the wild rhinos always show their strength and predators always avoid rhinos out of fear of death.

The hyenas have a great will and great courage when they dare to organize a dangerous rhino hunt.

A large rhino with a mass of nearly 500kg is walking with other rhinos. Five hyenas approached and prepared an attack.

Rhinos are indifferent to the appearance of hyenas and ignore the situations of hyena attacks. The rhino turns around and chases the hyena away, the hyena’s attacks are harmless.


But the hyenas know how to take down the rhino slowly, they attack the rhino’s tail and quickly cause a wound.

But that is not enough to take down the rhinoceros, perhaps the hyenas need to fight for a month to finish this huge prey.


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