Silent Predators: Leopards’ Stealthy Theft of Baby Rhinos, Concealing Them in Tall Trees


Leopards always come out on top in terms of success when hunting. all wild animals are in awe of the leopard’s amazing abilities.

Newborn animals are always a leopard’s favorite meal, and a baby rhino is no exception. a video worth watching was posted on Youtube when a leopard successfully killed a baby rhino and wanted to hide it in a tree.

Baby rhinos are always protected by aggressive mothers and can hardly reach their prey. To be able to succeed in this dangerous hunt, the leopard had to wait patiently for the opportunity and end the life of the young rhino as quickly as possible.

If it is not possible to end the life of the baby rhino, it is very likely that the leopard will die because the mother rhino is large and has a scary horn on the front of its head.


after finishing the prey, the leopard lance moves the prey up the tree to avoid being robbed by lions or hyenas. The leopard bit the rhino and tried to climb a tall tree.

The size of the rhino is quite large and the leopard is struggling to hide food. But then the leopard failed and both fell down.

The video left many surprises for the audience and many people were curious to witness the video of leopards hunting.


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