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“Survival of the Fiercest: Wild Boar’s Relentless Aggression Prevails over the Leopard”


Boars are not creatures to be underestimated. With some species having been recorded weighing more than 300 kg, this animal, a relative of the domestic pig, is a veritable machine of destruction wherever it goes. They cause damage to livestock, crops, and forests and threaten the survival of native species, killed or driven out of their habitats.

It is a large, aggressive, very intelligent animal that can reproduce very quickly. Wild boars have a wide geographical distribution and can be found in Africa, Europe and Asia. Anyone who thinks that these animals only eat plants is wrong, in nature their diet is made up of animal and plant foods.

So don’t be surprised if you see a wild boar eating a snake around! Its body is covered with a double coat that can be brown, black, or gray. The tusks on the lower lip are one of the wild boar’s most striking features. The tusks in males are longer and more curved. They use their tusks to fight during the mating season.


These images show how merciless wild boars can be, especially when it contains predators. The video may come as a shock to some and it shows a wild boar killing a cub. The lifeless cat continues to be attacked by the vicious wild boar.

A passing vehicle repeatedly honked its horn to stop the pigs, but it was too late. In addition, the animals do not stop attacking him. So what do you think? Could this be the revenge of the wild boar? Comment below. Don’t forget to leave a like and thank you for watching.


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