“Crocodile’s Brave Stand: Defying the Lion’s Ferocious Attack”


This dramatic scene was recorded in Entabeni Conservation Area, South Africa.

Specifically, while visiting the shallow water along the dam, Connor Dawes and his family suddenly encountered a crocodile crawling ashore to bask in the sun. Not long after, a group of lions discovered the lone crocodile and immediately approached. Suddenly, the male lion launched an attack without warning, causing the crocodile to fall into a passive position.

In just a few seconds, the lion jumped onto the crocodile’s back and tried to control its prey by wrestling it to the ground. Meanwhile, the female lions in the pride stood around, ready to rush in to assist.

Even though the crocodile has thick scales, the male lion can still bite the skin near the neck, causing the opponent to cry out in pain. Too angry, the crocodile immediately opened its mouth wide and headed straight towards the enemy to respond. Faced with the threat of the swamp killer, the male lion seemed scared so he immediately gave up and stayed away from the enemy.


At the end of the clip, when the crocodile is crawling into the puddle, the male lion once again rushes to grab the opponent’s leg and drags it on the ground.

Faced with the stubbornness of the hunter, the crocodile opened its mouth again and threatened to kill the lion. Knowing they could not defeat their prey, the lions could only pity it and let it crawl into the water to escape.


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